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MaxCash program

Pureorg provides MaxCash program to all resellers. The program is designed based on mobile distribution platform, Pureshop is an unique distribution APP which will allow user to sell our product through any mobile phone device.

It is very easy to join us by downloading our simple to use APP. Please just scan the QR code below and you will be able to install the APP to your cell phone.

You may register the product by fill out the registration form during the installation. You will need to have a referral number in order to install. Please contact us if you have any problem by installing the application.

The APP system will automatically upgrade you from regular member to distributor after you purchase 8 pieces of products on line. You will be granted as distributor and we will send you distributor certificate alone with our products.



Have any question regarding our products or your order contact us today,let us help!

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