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Our MaxAge product has been designed to enhance and strengthen our bodies as we age. In particular, we have generated a unique formula based on the combination of OPC and astaxanthin .OPC is an essential extract from grape seeds, pine bark and red wine. OPC can offer an outstanding variety of nutritional benefits to the human body, among which include strengthening of the immune system, maintaining physical function, beautifying delicate features, and improving metabolism, all of which offer the promise of increasing life expectancy.

At present, astaxanthin is the strongest natural antioxidant in the world. Only algae, yeast, and bacteria can produce astaxanthin.. As a carotenoid, natural asaxanthin has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier, and thereby protect and enhance brain health. It can effectively scavenge intracellular oxygen radicals, enhance the cellular regeneration capacity, maintain essential functions of the cell, reduce the accumulation of aging cells, protect the skin health by minimizing DNA damage, promote hair growth, ease sports fatigue, and enhance vitality.

The scavenging free radical capacity of astaxanthin is derived from:

6000-fold concentrations of Vitamin C,

550-fold concentrations of vitamin E,

800-fold concentrations of coenzyme Q10,

1800-fold concentrations of nitric oxide,

3100-fold concentrations of natto,

700-fold concentrations of anthocyanin,

110-fold concentrations of beta carotene,

1100-fold concentrations of nucleic acid,

1800-fold concentrations of lycopene,

1800-fold concentrations of carotol, and

320-fold concentrations of tea polyphenols.


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